Readers Theatre

Readers Theatre

Aspects of Readers Theatre

  • The story is read aloud.
  • Actors must read narrator and character lines.
  • Actors bring the the story to life.


  • There could be one narrator throughout.
  • Each character could take his or her own narration as well as dialogue.
  • One person could take more than one role.

Props and Costumes

  • Props and costumes should be simple and suggestive. Possible props include books, dolls, old photographs, canes, jewellery, purses, suitcases, tickets, keys, flowers, medals, and paintbrushes; possible costumes include hats, scarves, gloves, shawls, jackets, uniforms, and aprons.

Readers Theatre Examples

Readers Theatre (Assessment/Rubric)
(Lesson Plan)

Examples of Readers Theatre Scripts

  1. The Princess and the God: A Tale of Ancient India
  2. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
  3. The Legend of Slappy Hooper An American Tall Tale
  4. The Baker’s Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale
  5. Master Maid A Tale of Norway
  6. The Magic Brocade: A Tale of China
  7. The Boy Who Wanted the Willies
  8. The Giant’s Wife A Tall Tale of Ireland

Readers Theatre Groups

Group 1: Sloppy Hooper
Melissa: Narrator 3 and Ray Sunshine
Daniel: Slappy Hooper
Althea: Narrator 2 and Baldwin Eagle and Michael
Maggie: Narrator 1 and Rose Red

Group 2: The Boy Who Wanted the Willies
Andrew: Hans
Tia: Skeleton and Stranger #1, Sister, Princess, Werewolf
Omar: Narrator
Lie Von: Father, Stranger 2, King, Vampire, Skeleton 2 and Giant

Group 3: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Faizan: Wolf
Anthony: Pig and Narrator
Ahmed: Narrator
Carol: Pig 3 and Narrator

Group 4: The Princess and the God
Saesha: Narrator and Teacher
Raghad: Goddess and Savitri
Jacky: King and Yama
Divine: Narrator and Satyavan

Group 5: The Magic Brocade
Razan: Widow and Old Woman
Kelvin: Narrator
Erik: Chen
Nandita: Lien

Group 6: The Baker’s Dozen
Rinelle: Narrator 2
Sohyla: Narrator 1
Ayaan: Baker
Lillian: Woman 

Group 7: The Master Maid
Sara: Master Maid
Emily: Narrator
Abdullah: Lief
Hamdy: Troll

Group 8: The Giant’s Wife
Neha: Narrator and Finn
Joud: Oona
Batu: Cuhullin
Attiqah: Narrator









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