Three Level Success Criteria

Success Criteria

(Everyone begins at Level 1 upon entry to program & for a mandatory 5 days)

  • You
  • You will raise hand to leave desk.
  • You may use the books, learning games, and building materials (on break and when work is done.)
  • Supervised washroom breaks.
  • Silent reading /Quiet activities at your desk.


(You advance to this level after 3 successful days at Level 1)
  • All Level 1 privileges, plus…
  • You may do classwork away from your desk with permission.
  • You may use the washroom/get a drink at times other than break.
  • You may use the computer for 20 minutes per day (when finished work or during break)
  • Some unescorted washroom breaks.
  • May work with another student who is on the same level as you.
  • Will be responsible for a classroom duty.


(You advance to this level 5 successful days at Level 2)
  • All Level 1& 2 privileges plus….
  • Use of computer during breaks and when work is completed.
  • You may go out for lunch, with a note and a staff, once a week,
  • You can listen to music while working, with headphones.

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