Be responsible

A very important community agreement in room 21 is: Be responsible.

This week, we are learning about how being respectful can look like doing your share of work, including your classroom job, to keep room 21’s learning community clean.

Franklin the turtle also learns about keeping clean and tidy in the video below.

Be respectful

A very important community agreement in room 21 is: Be respectful.

In our program, we have been exploring what being respectful looks like. We have learned that respect looks like treating someone in a way that makes them feel cared for and important. Below are two videos that look at how we act respectfully.


Yes, this is a photo of Mr. Wass.

Hello everyone,

My name is Joel Wass and I am the homeroom teacher for Room 16 this year at Orde Street Public School. I am really excited about the 2017/18 school year and I look forward to working with Room 16 students, parents and guardians. Welcome to our new (and ever expanding) class website. This website will be used in and outside of our classroom this year. It will also continue to grow as we all get more comfortable using it.

On the Room 16 website you will find information about curriculum, classroom routines, student expectations, resources and happenings in Room 16. Students and guardians will also be able to find numerous links to interesting websites and videos.

Thanks for your time.


– Mr. Joel Wass